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Big Screen Blurb: The Five-Year Engagement

The Five-Year Engagement. It’s fortunate that neither of these main characters were athletic at all. Otherwise, Nike’s iconic slogan of “Just Do It!” would have resonated, leaving us without two pretty funny hours and some classic lines. Of course, if Nike were familiar with Tom and Violet, they might have changed their tagline to “Just Do It, Already!”

Tom (Jason Segel) is skilled in the culinary arts. He’s about to realize his dream of being a chef when Violet (Emily Blunt), his fiance is first to the punch. Violet is an academia nut in search of a Psych program to call her own. She’s ignored by hometown Berkeley, but when the University of Michigan comes calling, she jumps at the chance. That means uprooting Tom—pulling him away from his chef dreams, postponing the wedding and moving from San Fran to Ann Arbor. Yeah, I know…not exactly an upgrade, but Tom takes one for the team. After all, it’s only two-years, right? Wrong. The two year program spawns new opportunities for Violet and soon the couple is anchored in a town that has led Tom away from chef-dom and toward hunting and scraping ice. Yadayadayada the couple face an engagement obstacle course as they try to realize that love and commitment are strange bedfellows.

It’s good…I’ll go with 4.0 Stars. It’s funny from start to finish, with great characters from our two heroes to a complimentary cast. You’ve got some classic moments that include lines like, “It’s like drinking Chewbacca’s dick” to a very grown-up conversation in front of the kiddies using the voices of Elmo and Cookie Monster. Segel and Blunt are great. They’re funny. They connect in a believable way that makes their relationship very genuine. And, they’re surrounded by a great supporting cast. Chris Platt, who plays Tom best friend, is the raunchy and quite stupid, but a lovable side-kick that befuddlingly hooks up with Vi’s straight-laced sis, Suzie (Alison Brie). Of course, the parents on both sides provide their own versions of hilarity, and might have been under-utilized, but then again, less is often more. Co-workers, relatives, etc, etc, all help make for a fun ride.

Not too many complaints with this one. Sure, it has some lulls that dropped it from a four or five-star classic. No, it’s not The Hangover, nor is it Bridesmaids. Those are flicks that I ended up watching over and over, just to share in the experience with someone who had yet to see it. I didn’t walk out of auditorium nine at The Pinnacle last night and catch myself thinking, “Man, I want to take so-and-so to see this!” I did, however, have a great time watching a very funny flick. Unless you’ve got a corner on the uptight market, you will too. 

Yeah, see this one and see it BIG. Enjoy and btw…don’t ever cover a beer mug with deerskin!